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The Party!

Azunia Tequila!

Makes a great Margarita! Be sure to try one next time you're in!
It’s Hot!

The Real Taste of Carne Asada Burrito!

We offer authentic Mexican Burritos with the traditional flavor in different presentations: grandote, deluxe, fajita, colima, expreso..
Taste it!

Celebrate every day!


Colima Special

Carne asada, Prawns and mushrooms sautéed in a blend of butter, garlic and mild spices. Served with pico de gallo, guacamole and tortillas.*

The food is fresh and all the ingredients are of the highest quality.
The menu has choices for everyone. It is the kind of place you want to come back to.

Tina Davidson

One of my favorite Mexican food restaurant.
I can assure you this food is authentic! Wonderful service and atmosphere!

Jason Reynolds

Unique experience! The decor is lively yet comforting and authentic without the kitsch creating a tasteful aura for our dining guests. Señores, señoras, and niños of all walks of life are treated like familia by the staff!

Laura Palmer